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"Hey Sam - You made me Millionaires overnight. Thanks for your help."

- Raj The Great


"Hey Sam, your knowledge and guidance not only saved me money but earned a lifetime friendship".

- Ravi Mannepalli


" Getting my first home was'nt really a challenge for me even in this bad economy because of clearline mortgage. It was quick, simple and very competitive than other. I would have spent couple of months doing my own research to find a suitable lender which was done in mere couple of days by the experienced staff of clearline mortgage. I did'nt just receive a loan, I received satisfaction too. "

- Himanshu Kalkar


My experience with Justin Lewis at Clearline Mortgage could not have been better. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, I will be recommending Justin Lewis and Clearline Mortgage to all of my friends. Thanks again for all of your hard work and getting me into the home of my dreams!
- Kevin Beeman



"Wild swings in recent mortgage rates offer opportunities as well as challenges. As I noticed, mortgage agents were unresponsive when I needed them the most to lock in a comfortable low rate. I was already getting impatient with the two agents that I was working with at the time when I happened to meet Suku.
Suku turned out to be a real surprise - prompt, reliable and professional. Communications were honest and clear - leaving no ambiguity - reflecting Suku's deep insider knowledge of the mortgage industry.
All I had to do was to tell Suku what I was looking for i. e. lock in a reasonable low rate for a zero out of pocket, no cash out refinance. Suku asked me to fill up an online application and wait. After couple of weeks, Suku got back with an excellent deal, and all I had to do was to jump in and lock it in. Loan processing was on fast track, to meet the 21 day lock to get the low rate. Surprisingly, the deal was closed in around two weeks! I was extremely happy with the overall experience and the final result. I would recommend Suku to anyone."
- Muralee Prabhu


It was pleasure working with Suku on my recent loan refinancing. He made the whole refinancing process simpler and convenient for me starting from the initial application till the scheduling of  closing. I would like recommend him to anyone needing loan related services.
- Uday Palande


Professionalism all the way' was what really impressed me working with Suku. He had taken extra pains to explain the different scenarios and once the application was signed Suku did everything. He kept monitoring the rates to advise me when it's a good time to lock, suggested different options and helped close at terms that made a substantial difference in my monthly payment.  Suku's service exemplified what "Customer First" means. He lived up to those words in more ways than what I had imagined when I signed-up for Clearline's service.

- Suren Palakkal


It was a real pleasure to work with Sam on our recent home refinance. He was very forthcoming with information and extremely responsive to our needs. The mortgage rates seemed like they were on a roller coaster ride and to add to that challenge we were leaving the country for a month within a month of my first call to Sam. He promised that we would close on the loan before the trip and he delivered on his promise with a few days to give. I would recommend Sam and Clearline Mortgage to my friends without batting an eyelid. Good Work Sam and I know you will keep it up


Raj Povathingal



Dear Sam,

My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks for assisting us in refinancing our second home in Cary, NC.
Looking back, we were looking for a company who provides us one stop shopping as we are living about 700+ miles away from our second home. Clearline Mortgage handled the entire process, from mortgage application to closing, with minimum efforts from our side.
Throughout the entire process, we witnessed your professionalism and sense of urgency to complete this most efficient way. We appreciate you getting us a better rate than what we initially committed – it was a nice surprise –you  were able get us the benefit of the lower rate with some additional work on your side without incurring us any additional costs.
We highly recommend the services of Clearline Mortgage to anyone looking for the primary or secondary home financing.
Thanks again.
 Bhupendra Patel
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